Corporate Explainer Video

$200$345 per 30 seconds

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Professional Explainer Video Premium Explainer Video
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With great quality vectors and our highly customizable templates, get an eye-catching explainer video in a quick turnaround High-quality explainer videos directed by our senior art directors. Your brand will stand apart and stay above with our Premium Explainer Videos
✔ Customizable design, characters & backgrounds from our library ✔ Premium illustrations, characters & backgrounds
✔ Templated based 2D animation ✔ Tailor-made 2D animation
✔ Dedicated creative director ✔ Dedicated creative director
✔ 65 words voice-over per 30 seconds ✔ 65 words voice-over per 30 seconds
✔ Textual storyboard ✔ Graphic storyboard
✔ Professional voice-over (single actor) ✔ Professional voice-over (single actor)
✔ Sound effects ✔ Sound effects
✔ Royalty-free background music ✔ Royalty-free background music
✔ 1080p resolution ✔ 4k resolution
✔ Source files ✔ Source files
✔ 3 animation revisions ✔ 3 graphic storyboard & 2 animation revisions
Turnaround: 7-10 days Turnaround: 10-12 days
Process: Process:
Scriptwriting & visual descriptions Scriptwriting & visual descriptions
Voice over Graphic storyboard made on Adobe Illustrator
Animation using After Effects and templates Voice over
Animation using Adobe After Effects