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Take advantage of the Reducing Attention Span!

By July 24, 2019July 26th, 2019No Comments

Studies have stated that the average attention span of human beings as of 2019 is just eight seconds.
More disturbing is the fact that the average attention span of human beings is declining at a shocking rate of 88 per cent per year.
As a marketer, our goal is to reach the audience and hold their attention span long enough to make sales (outro). How do we do it? The answer is personalised videos.

Personalised videos are the future of content marketing. Customers love to feel special and personalised videos do exactly that.
Videos provide a higher impact because it caters to both the visual as well as the auditory senses. The trick is to make authentic videos with relatable content that will create a lasting impression. Personalised videos feed the customer’s ego and serve as a visual delight, which in turn generates a higher response rate and more leads.

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Videos help conversion rates and sales-

Statistics say the chances of a user conversion by a video is ten times more likely than conversion by a static image advertisement.

Video helps boost conversion rates by answering the user’s questions and being more interactive.

Videos are the new thing among mobile users

Half the world’s population spends their better half of the day going through their phones, looking at videos.
So why not market on that?
Studies say that  90% of users watch videos on the products they are interested to buy, before making a purchase.

Even the laziest buyers like videos

Users do not get the time to research extensively and choose the best product, it is more about which product catches the most attention.
Videos help attract the attention of your users and present them with your products, while a static image advertisement can just be scrolled over and forgotten.

Social media loves videos

Society thrives on entertainment that is shared and reshared by millions of users.
The fact that the internet loves videos helps us.
Youtube has an increasing user viewership of 100% every year, imagine what that can do for your advertisement video.

Google loves Videos

With Google buying youtube, it has prioritised videos over written content.
Whenever you search something, Google will try to find out similar videos related to the topic and present it first.
Even statistically, a website with an embedded video has 50 times more chances of being showcased than a site without one.
Human attention span might be declining but new pathways to hold their attention are also rising.
To stay relevant in this new era, even mammoth companies such as Coca-Cola, Netflix and Amazon produce video advertisements.
Reinforcement of your brand and your product is extremely necessary for this growing market. If you are still confused about how to go about video marketing, let us do it for you. After all, this is how we keep food on our table.

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