Let’s think of a cheeky slogan right now…”We’re number two; we try harder”. Did you just smile a bit? Did that make you wonder even a little as to what the tagline is about? Well, that is what a brand slogan is meant for.

Avis Rental Cars did a perfect job with the above slogan. It has humor, it’s short and it’s engaging.

So, what is a slogan? A slogan is what you use to advertise your brand. It puts forth the idea you want to sell and pushes your customers to indulge in what you’re selling.

You must be thinking…why should I invest in a brand slogan? Can’t I just make it work with a brand logo? Here’s what a slogan does for your business-

  • Slogans generate emotions. Emotions increase audience investment. Audience investment leads to higher conversions.
  • Slogans give you a face. They are unique identifiers.
  • Slogans give an idea about what your brand is all about.
  • Slogans are memorable. They stick to people’s minds and increase brand recall.

Now that you know what a slogan can do for your brand…there are certain things that you should know to get it right.

The Shorter The Better!

Yes. The size of your slogan does matter. What do you do when you watch a McDonald’s commercial on TV? You sing along with the -“I’m lovin’ it.”- voice over don’t you?

McDonald’s has done a brilliant job at conveying their brand’s message in just 4 syllables. Keeping it short and simple should be your mantra while framing your brand’s slogan. It’s easy to understand and retain.

Here’s another famous slogan that’s short; Nike’s “Just do it”.

Do NOT Sound Like A Salesman

Your brand slogan sounding like a sales pitch is the last thing you need for your business. It leads to instant disinterest and leaves a bad impression on your audience. Instead, talk about how the brand might benefit the user.

The slogan of Amazon for example says “Earth’s most customer-centric-company”. They’re talking about what they do for their customers… and let’s face it…we all like feeling special.

The slogan of Flipkart does the same with “Ab har wish hogi poori” (now every wish will be fulfilled).

Another one is Gillette’s “The best a man can get”. The slogan says it all. It talks directly about the target audience to the target audience.

Be Different

Try to include your uniqueness in the brand slogan. Talk about what differentiates you from your competitors. M&M candies slogan reads M&Ms melt in your mouth, not in your hand”.

Addressing what makes you different than the others in the brand slogan guarantees curiosity and better recall rates. So go ahead and highlight your USP in the slogan. It’ll help your customers make a better and informed choice.

Look what Energizer says to highlight its long battery life, “He keeps going and going and going”.

Promise Only What You Can Deliver

Never and I repeat NEVER go overboard with your taglines. The key is to stay humble and honest.

Avoid using words that end with ‘–est’ like best, greatest or fastest. Also avoid saying you’re No. 1 at something. These words and phrases fail to generate trust in your audience which should be a big NO for any marketing strategy.

Instead look at what BMW went with…”The ultimate driving machine”. Using the word ultimate promises the best driving experience without sounding too big-headed.

Other Pointers

Making your slogan rhyme or giving it a rhythm is an added bonus that might just do the trick. It tends to make people sing along which is a good brand engagement strategy.

Pringles’s “Once you pop, you can’t stop” is a catchy slogan and it rhymes.

Another famous slogan is Kit Kat’s “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat!?”.

Adding a touch of humor might also work at different levels for your brand. Humor allows viewers to relate more to the brand and generates a sense of light heartedness.


Slogan writing is an art that can be mastered. You’re just one brainstorming session away from coming up with incredible slogan ideas for your brand. So there you go! Think of what your company stands for, simplify it and get yourself a killer brand slogan.