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Silent Videos

By May 19, 2019July 26th, 2019No Comments

“Listen if you want to be heard”, they say.
What if I told you, “Show if you want to be heard?!”

Yes, you heard it right!
Bob Dylan’s hit of 1964 – “For the times they are a changing…” is a perfect fit for today’s scenario! If you’re someone who grew up watching Charlie Chaplin movies and cartoons like Tom & Jerry which made you laugh and cry and contemplate at the same time, you know what I’m talking about! Facebook video consumption has elevated up to 100 million hours per day.

More and more people are doing away with the sound for reasons quite obvious:

  • To avoid embarrassing & inconvenient situations.
  • To stop being disgruntled due to lack of earphones & thereby entertainment.
  • To curb foreign- language constraints.
  • To watch videos anytime, anywhere.
  • Hearing-impairment.
  • Desiring peace and quiet for a few minutes.
  • Seriously dude… Isn’t obtrusive autoplay just annoying?!

Almost 85% percent of videos are watched on mute-mode on Facebook
according to multiple sources. Looks like we’re revisiting 19th-century feature films and it won’t be wrong to say, to the future and back! 50-80% ‘silent videos’ are being viewed per day across most social media platforms on an average. Although ‘sound on’ vs ‘sound off’ debate for ad-videos is raging like wildfires through the marketing savannah, I guess these metrics are a testimony to the emerging trend!

Consumers drive home, the marketing trend. You drive home, the video content! The course of the currents in marketing is ever-changing.
What is most engaging for the consumer or target audience? Trust me, the answer(s) to these questions shifts focus like the flapping wings of a dragonfly!
All you got to do is:

  • Observe the statistics
  • Be in sync with the trend-dynamics in video-consumption
  • Reinvent your visualization skills

Don’t forget that your priority should be high-quality content that’s tailor-made for the consumer & not the marketer.
How to create a silent marketing video that is awesome as well as compelling?
I’m sure you’d have come across videos from

What is it that sets them apart from several promotional videos that we watch daily?
Let’s have a look at their outstanding features!

  • Pique viewers’ curiosity & interest by adding an element of surprise, rarity or an entertaining storyline.
  • Eye-grabbing captions, title cards, and slogans have come a long way in the history of advertising and promotion. Rhyme it or slay it with a meaningful context.
  • Visually-engaging motion-graphics or characters is the stronghold for any silent video. Ensure your feature is vibrant, adequately paced, brilliantly designed and strongly emotive!
  • Subtitles let the visuals speak for themselves by providing significant elucidation of the story or message at appropriate moments.
  • A sense of familiarity or relatable concepts has always garnered maximum support and appreciation. Try to explore the humane side of your video concept whether it be expressions or mannerisms.

As Torrey Tanaka precisely puts it – You don’t have to shout to be heard.

A surge in marketing trend gives rise to another factor that we must watch like a hawk.
“And pray what that may be?”, you ask. Well, it’s the rivals! They would also be scourging through all possible data to bring out a whole new level of marketing tactics!
‘Dynamic video’ is a tributary of the silent video content, which appears to be more like a conversation that engages the viewer rather than traditional broadcast. With state of the art software like the Youtube Director Mix, Javascript coding, & integrated digital platforms that fuse CRM with customer-interaction, you too can come up with a video that elicits a 360-degree customer view, a cutting edge which takes your conversions up a notch higher!
You may be planning for your brand promotion or a tutorial or an interactive video but the strong foundation towards creating amazing content can only be paved by the video-production quality!
Rewatch those classic old movies and seek inspiration. Reinvent your techniques of video-making.

Mining for information, watching the latest examples of silent videos for reference, will broaden your perspectives and video conceptualization. Use a high-quality camera, latest video editing styles to enhance your visual elements or break all shackles and go completely silent!
Your video hasn’t reached its full potential or fulfilled its designated purpose if you haven’t focussed on your CTA or Call-To-Action. Reinforce your brand message with bold captions and slogans that lead on to your CTA message. Whether it’s an App that can be downloaded from Google Play or your company contact details that helps the consumer to get in touch with you, ensure it appears at the right place and time – in the video itself!

Marketing videos on social platforms are basically a story within a story, among several other stories. To rise above the clutter and to stand out in a crowd is imperative now more than ever. The old saying has slightly been tweaked –
A video is really worth a thousand words!
There’s a lot of hard work, effort and time that requires to be invested in creating an awesome marketing video . But once you’ve achieved the finesse and the favorable results, the journey is worth it isn’t it?