Have you been thinking of investing in a video to market your business? Videos are one of the trendiest marketing strategies out there. Getting a video made for your business can work for you on different levels. It can assist you to educate your audience about your product/service and reel them in as prospective clients.
But with so many video styles in the market, choosing the best one for your business can be a brutally confusing task. Let us make things easier for you.

First things first. There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind before picking out a video style.

  • What kind of a company are you? If you’re a B2B company, you need your video style to be more professional as your customers are most likely business organizations. On the other hand, if you’re a B2C company, you can implement a more casual video style as you’re targeting the common people.
  • What are your Goals? – Depending on the type of company you are, you set your goals. For a B2B company, it should be to figure out your potential customer’s persona and appealing to it accordingly. It’s slightly different for a B2C company. A B2C company’s goal is to make videos that increase brand recall and awareness, might go viral and also strengthen the brand message.
  • Who is your target audience? – Your target audience depends on the kind of product/service you’re selling. Your target audience can be divided up into different factions based on age, region, gender, interests and whether they are netizens or not.
  • What is your brand message? – Your brand message depends on your product/service too. To deliver your brand message perfectly, include words and visuals in your video that compel the viewer to invest in your product/service. Your video should generate trust and reassure the client that your services can be of actual help to them.

Getting the above points sorted will help you get a better perspective while choosing the best-suited video style for your business.
Let’s get started!

2D Animation Videos

2D Animation videos are also known as Character Animation videos in light of the use of custom designed animated characters in creating a catchy, enjoyable and unforgettable story. The storytelling angle allows you to address the problems of your customers and give them an easy solution by stating your business’s applications.

Cartoon video makers humanize your brand giving it a friendlier and more welcoming touch.

Best suited for…

The selling point about these videos are, they induce emotion among viewers which works well for both B2B and B2C companies. Being comparatively cheaper than its fellow video styles 2D animation videos are best suited for startups, businesses appealing to end users and small to medium ventures.

Motion Graphic Videos

Motion graphic videos help in bringing abstract concepts to life. They use graphic elements in motion to explain complicated business ideas.
Secret behind its awesomeness
Motion graphic videos give off a more formal and urbane aura to your brand. Animation creators choose from a pool of shapes, colors, and patterns, to make the video visually attractive thus increasing brand engagement.

Best suited for…
For businesses related to financial and technical fields, motion graphic videos are ideal as numbers, graphs and stats can be easily represented without making the content too boring.
The only thing missing in a motion graphic video is the ability to connect with viewers on an emotional level. But there’s a backdoor for this. Cartoon video makers can use character animation with motion graphics to connect with the audience’s emotions and deliver your brand message in a simplified manner.

2.5D Animation Videos

Wondering what’s more engaging than a 2D product video but less expensive than a 3D one? It’s a 2.5D animation video.

Secret behind its awesomeness
2.5D videos give you the feel of a 3D video without costing like one. Putting it simply, a 2.5D animation creator designs a simulation of 3D environment using animated images.

Best suited for…
If you’re a small business or a startup with a limited budget and a product in desperate need of a 3D like a video, your prayers have been answered. Just get a 2.5D animation video maker for your business and let the story unfold.

Whiteboard Videos

For any business that has a complex product with extensive details and features, a whiteboard video is its knight in shining armor.
Award-winning Psychologist Dr. Richard Wiseman says, “An audience can retain 20% more information when learning by looking at graphics on a whiteboard, in comparison to just watching a simple video of a person explaining something
A standard whiteboard video has a hand holding a pen writing and drawing material on a whiteboard. Whiteboard videos can even include characters and colorful content to increase audience engagement levels.

Secret behind its awesomeness
The secret behind the effectiveness of whiteboard videos is the feeling of nostalgia that it creates. Viewers are pulled back to the homeroom teaching atmosphere; their brain automatically readies up to receive and perceive information. In whiteboard videos, the story develops in front of the viewers’ eyes. This gets them hooked to your video and curious about what’s next!
Best suited for…
Whiteboard videos are informative, educational and can explain a complex concept in a simplified fashion and work well for IT, software or B2B companies.

3D Animation Videos

Adding 3D elements to your video or getting a completely animated 3D video can do wonders for your brand’s recall rates. They are very engaging and give your video the required push needed to make it both interesting and realistic.

Best suited for…
3D animated videos are ideal for companies ready to invest a little more than the average video making cost as 3D videos can turn out to be somewhat heavy on the pockets. Another thing to keep in mind when going with a 3D video maker is the time it takes to update or change any of the features once your video has been made.

Secret behind its awesomeness
The best part is, 3D videos are theatrical and detailed and give your viewers a state-of-the-art hi-tech feel about your product. So get a 3D video maker for your product and take your prospective clients on a ride!

Live Action Videos

The best way to connect to your audience and generate trust is to speak to them directly. A live action video comprises of real people talking into the camera sharing real-life experiences with the viewers.

Secret behind its awesomeness
Talking directly to the audience helps them relate to the problems or queries being addressed in the video. Relating to the problems gets them interested in the solution being provided by your product/service.

Things to keep in mind if you’ve decided to use a live-action video as your marketing strategy are the effort and the time it takes to produce one. Since these videos are being shot on a camera, location scouting is a step that can’t be skipped.
If you’re short on time, choosing a live-action video is a bad choice. It takes time, a lot of planning with respect to speakers, locations, and costs more than most video styles.

Live Action with Track elements

Live action with track elements gives you the best of both worlds.
Secret behind its awesomeness
The basic essence of it is the interaction of real-life humans with graphic characters and elements. This ensures that your viewers’ curiosity is peaked and that they’ll have more fun watching the video.

Best suited for…
Live action videos with or without track elements are more suited for B2B companies than B2C companies. B2B companies’ basic target is to gain the trust of their prospective clients, and what can do a better job at humanizing your product than a human talking into the camera!

Stop Motion Videos

Let me break it down for you. Imagine clicking a series of pictures and making slight adjustments after every picture! Now play these pictures in a sequence. What do you get? The illusion of actual movement. That is exactly what a stop-motion video creator does.

Secret behind its awesomeness
The stop-motion video style is one of a kind, bringing a touch of uniqueness to your video. They guarantee high engagement levels and brand recall.
Best suited for…
B2C startups looking to make a lasting impression on their viewers are likely to benefit the most from this video style.
The downside to this video style is the inability to make any changes after the video creator has produced the video. But if you’re ready to invest a little time and money for a unique video… you’ve got your perfect video style!

Typography Videos

Typography videos do true justice to Walt Whitman’s saying, “Simplicity is the glory of expression”. Animation creators use different animated typographic fonts to put forth your content which delivers your brand message in a very basic yet effective way.

Screencast Videos

Screencast videos have screen captures of your product or service in action. They are a suitable marketing strategy for businesses that need to market a complex product or service.

Secret behind its awesomeness
Reading texts along with a suitable voice-over or just plain background music catches and retains the attention of the viewers. Yes! They are actually more inclined to watch the entire video just to find out what you’re talking about.
Best suited for…
Typography videos are ideal for startups looking for an affordable video style that works wonders for them. B2B companies that want to include stats in their videos can also go with text animation makers to spice things up.

Secret behind its awesomeness
Screen captures showing how the product functions makes the brand concept more understandable and interesting.
Best suited for…
Screencast videos are easy to produce and cost lesser than its peers making it a good option for small startups. Screen captures are very useful for tutorial video creators as they deliver the workings of any business efficiently. Adding a voice-over along with the screen captures takes you an extra mile ahead in spreading your brand message.


Now that you’re clear about your available options you’ve got to choose the one that is best suited for you. Keep a bunch of things like – your estimated budget and the time it takes to produce your ideal video – in your mind. Video production companies offer consultation that can help you in the decision-making process as well.

So, pick a video style wisely and skyrocket your business.