“And then I thought I’ll go there…and do that…but then I thought I should go to the other place instead because you know….and blah blah blah BLAH….”
No, you can’t punch me. That was me blabbering for your sake.

Lesson No 1. Do NOT blabber! Never blabber. Nobody likes people who rattle on for hours about something that can be kept short and to the point. Thinking what this is all about? I’m talking about your next video’s length!
Posting videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube is an excellent business marketing strategy. You’ve got a huge audience to market to, a great platform to broadcast your business ideas on and get honest feedbacks.

Lesson No 2. You have to realize that the ideal video length for every platform is different. They’ve got different video length limits as well. People like to spend more time on some, while scroll past the others.Think about it! Do you spend an equal amount of time watching videos on Instagram and YouTube? What is the basic mindset that you have, when you open any one of these social media platforms?To simplify the chaos, here’s the ideal length of videos for every social media site.


Let’s all take a minute and thank Kevin and Mike for creating this blessed app for us! For people who are yet to climb the Instagram bandwagon, Instagram is a platform that allows its registered users to upload and share photos and videos either publicly or privately with other registered users.
Lately, Instagram has been very popular among businesses who want to market their services through videos and other posts.

Attention passengers! It’s Trivia time.

Instagram used to allow users to post 15 second videos back in 2013. Then they extended the limit to 60 seconds in 2016 (Yay!) and now users can post up to 10 videos of 1 minute each in a single post itself. That gives you 10 minutes worth of video content in one go to promote your Instagram.

Ideal Video Length

When people go on Instagram, they usually have a habit of scrolling down…really fast. So what should your target length be? According to a study done by HubSpot, they received the highest number of comments on a 26-second video. So set your target at 30 seconds.
30 seconds is enough time to catch the interest of the viewer and get Instagram followers and likes to promote your Instagram. Goal achieved. If the viewers want to know more about your service, they can always click the link in your bio and get redirected to your website.


Instagram has an Autoplay feature. And also a Mute option. So make sure to make your video engrossing from the first second and remember to add subtitles.

Tips –

The maximum number of characters for captions on Instagram is 2,200 and it’s 30 for hashtags. It is recommended by Sprout Social to stick to 138 to 150 characters for captions and a maximum of 10 hashtags for great returns.
So good luck getting more Instagram followers and likes!

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Tweet tweet. Twitter came into action 11 years back and it’s still going strong. Twitter video platform is for keeping up with everything that has been going on around the globe. You can post ‘tweets’, upload pictures and stream videos.
Twitter video platform is eminent for businesses to market their videos on. It has a user base of more than 330 million active monthly users, giving you a huge audience to talk to.

Ideal Video Length

Twitter believes in keeping it short and crisp. The maximum video length on Twitter is 2 minutes 20 seconds. According to HubSpot, the ideal length of a Twitter video should be somewhere between 43 to 45 seconds.
If you think 45 seconds does not do justice to your brand message, think of the video as more of a trailer than the actual video. Make it interesting and give in the necessary details to keep the viewer hooked to your video.


Just like Instagram, Twitter video platform too has autoplay and mute features. Always remember to include subtitles in your video and try to make it light and to the point.

Tips –

Twitter tidbits. Previously Twitter had a 140 character limit which got doubled to 280 characters last year. Sprout Social recommends to keep posts at 70-100 characters long.

Here’s a fact for you. Buddy Media’s data shows that tweets that are approximately 100 characters long have a 17% higher engagement level than lengthier tweets. My advice? The shorter the better.

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I have a question for you. How many videos do you think are played on Facebook every day? Take a wild guess! Wait for it… Drumroll please. One billion videos! That’s right. Every day, an average of 1 billion videos are played on Facebook.
Facebook is a social media platform that you can use to post text, images and videos on. Facebook marketing is a good way for businesses to market their brand on.

Ideal Video length

Obvious fact. In the realm of diversity, Facebook is a king. You can find all kinds of videos on Facebook; starting from cute baby videos, funny videos to videos of businesses marketing their ideas. The point here is that the audience is hungry for content that stands out. And it needs to be short yet interesting.
HubSpot says that the ideal video length for Facebook is 1 minute. You’ve got 60 seconds to make the video worthy of the viewers’ attention.


Facebook has the Autoplay feature as well. Use it to your benefit. Put in appealing and relevant visuals accompanied by text that gives life to your concept! Only then can you retain your viewers’ attention for an entire minute.

Tips –

The character limit for a Facebook marketing video ad text is 90 characters. According to Sprout Social the ideal length for a video Ad is 14 words.

Another hack to get better results is to straightaway upload the video on Facebook. The algorithm of Facebook prefers innate content, so try to avoid giving YouTube links.

The whole game is about compelling your viewers to go to your landing page. The video is what gets them there. So, keep the point of making the video in mind, mold the video according to your target audience and wait for the magic to take place.

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YouTube is the unbiased king of video content. Yes, there was a coronation ceremony. No, I did not get an invite.
Know this. YouTube is informative. What do you do when you need to know how something works? How to use something? How to do this or that? You look for videos on YouTube.
Another key thing videos from YouTube do is leave an impact. Aim at making your YouTube promotion videos impactful.

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Ideal length of Video

YouTube is one platform on which you do not have to think of the maximum limit for uploading video content. You can upload up to 11 hours’ worth of video content here.
BUT! Nobody is going to watch your video for 5 minutes let alone 11 hours. Although there is no fixed ideal length when you talk about YouTube promotion videos, you’ve got to be realistic about what you are and what you’ll be talking about in your video.
HubSpot says if it’s a video for a business, you’ve got to stick to 2 minutes at max.

Now, when it comes to putting your brand message out there, 2 minutes is more than enough to get your viewer interested in your idea. Give essential details, try to invoke emotions and be direct.

Tips –

The limit for a YouTube title is 70 characters and for the description it’s 5,000 characters. Stay within the limits to get the best results.

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Did you know you can buy views and likes for different platforms? Yes. These are tools for sale.Yes. It is legal. Okay…let’s say it’s frowned upon by some.


  • It simply increases your visibility on social media platforms.

More visibility = attracts more organic traffic


  • The views or followers that you buy aren’t real people. So, if you buy 10,000 views, it doesn’t mean 10,000 people have actually watched your video.

So buying views might make your video popular which in turn attracts viewers.

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What next?

Keep in mind the ideal video length for each platform. Tailor-make videos for each platform…Do not try to post the same video everywhere. Know what kind of audience goes on these platforms and appeal to them.

Stick to the character limit.

Reap the fruits when they’re ripe. Cheers!

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