Marketing is the reason, why Coca-Cola’s 131-year-old formula is still sitting in your refrigerator and though you might have forgotten Coca Cola’s India and Pakistan relationship marketing strategy, where they tried showing sentiments from both the sides of the border and urged the governments to join hands, at least they tried.  Marketing has also influenced elections all over the globe, it is the reason how World Politicians have convinced the majority that they are under threat from the minority. Many find it interesting how a single video strategy can trigger other bloggers, vloggers, and marketers to act and talk about it. Airtel did the same when they introduced the Airtel girl, it immediately caught all the attention and everybody was talking about it, but a lot has changed since then. Now the whole marketing business has transferred online and it has become quite difficult for the amateur but simple for the fierce players.

It’s hard to tell the real propaganda of the marketers but be it anything; they anyhow succeed in their task (in context of fierce players).

This has changed since the time we started writing and blogging is old. Video marketing is new to small players. So research more on the Types of content for future.

Like interactive videos etc., smarter ways are being introduced; it’s getting harder each day as audiences are becoming smarter. Video has always been the most effective medium to confront the audience, it was always known that video has a bright tomorrow, but the right time waited and finally, it’s here as India is experiencing a technological boom in all sectors.

India has more smartphones than any other nation. Many companies have introduced free internet service which has made internet readily available for most people. It’s surprising how for a nation with a high illiteracy rate, they function with smartphones so well…

Introduction of these services have benefitted many, it changed the way people use their mobile phones, then entertainment and other industries started focusing on mobile media and since then a lot of YouTubers have emerged and some even gained star imagery.

What you can learn from Youtubers and their video marketing techniques?

Youtubers may seem amateur and like beginners in the video market, but this candid style combined with innovative new techniques garner the audience’s attention like never before.

  • Youtubers stick to their target audience strictly, which is the most basic rule of digital marketing, which marketers usually forget.
  • Another good move by these youtubers is that they understand the latest trends, which makes them the hot talk always.
  • Consistency is the key to any vlogger’s success. New videos make them aware of vlogs’ existence.

From Gary Vaynerchuk to Bhuvan Bam all YouTubers became known worldwide after the starting of the videos’ era and still, the era is on and videos are conquering the world.

Here are some techniques for awesome video marketing:-

1. Choose the marketing channel best suited for your business.

While consultants tend to advise several channels for any business, business owners need to first ask the right questions.
Don’t start with “Which marketing channel is best for me?”
Start with:

  • Who are your customers?
  • Where do they re-visit?

A detailed customer profile can give you a lot of ideas for the marketing channel. Neil’s blog on the best marketing channel for your business explains this simply and in great detail. What I liked about the blog was that it makes it appear so simple. As business owners tend to get overwhelmed by everything that goes on around them, especially if it’s a new business.

Even a question like “which is the best marketing channel?” can become complicated. In reality, the answer is simple. Choose a channel that suits your customer’s profile best. If your customers spend 2 hours a day on average on Facebook, that’s where you should engage with them.

Know your customer to understand the best way to market to them. While it may seem the obvious answer, it may surprise you how many business owners have to be gently led into this strategy.

2. Understand what content is being shared

The fastest way to get your website noticed is to have content that is valuable to consumers. A blog is a general way to go about it. Businesses can share consumer experience, statistics, simple information, how-to videos, all of which are read by the businesses’ customers. What is more important than the content being read?
The content being shared If you are a small business owner making jute bags and you share tips on how to do appliqué on jute, your content has value. More importantly, your customers are likely to share this information on their social media networks. Your customers’ network may share it with other networks and that’s how you gain visibility.

Neil Patel shares his findings on what type of content is shared on social networks and here’s what he found:

Numbered titles are attractive

  • Titles with numbers are more likely to be read and shared. 8 things to do before your vacation is an attractive title
  • Such posts get picked up by list posts
  • Even if it isn’t a list, a number on the title is quite attractive. “53% Americans say no to farmed meat” is a great title

“This is what” titles

  • “This is what children have to say about Santa Claus ” is likely to get more shares than, “Children say they love Santa Claus”

Keep it short for sharing

  • People read long content but are more likely to share content that is short
  • Images are shared more than text
  • Social media sites automatically search for images on your article that you want to share
  • Keep a crisp introduction and a relevant image to ensure shares
Articles with videos
Question articles

3. Gain an understanding of how digital marketing works

This will help you choose your strategy better and over time you can develop a stronger relationship with your customers. As a business owner, you can choose to leave your digital marketing entirely to the company that you have hired for this purpose. Or you can slowly learn how digital marketing works and add more value to the process.
At the end of the day, no one has more insight to your customers like you do. Since the marketing is targeted at your customers, your input is invaluable to a digital marketing agency. Take time to understand the various aspects of your digital presence (start slowly and work your way up):

You can search for your own answers or you can ask your digital marketing partner to help you with the details. Marketing is a collaborative process and Neil Patel is a great example of someone who enables businesses to understand what it takes to market in the online world.
In many ways, it makes it easier for marketing agencies to develop strategies because businesses are able to share more data and provide more insight into consumer behavior by proactively tracking it. The information that Patel shares also helps agencies to devise more focused strategies by providing a data-backed insight into what works and what doesn’t.


So, before choosing your digital marketing medium ask yourself a few questions and the medium depends on your answer. Video marketing is no maze that your way through is hard but it is more like a riddle, you know the answer, you just take time to realize it.
Video market as of now is peaking and it is expected to burst through the clouds and reach the highest into the sky. So, be ready and board the bullet train and enjoy the outcome as it booms; before it’s charm fades like the pokemon go.