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How to use videos for Instagram marketing

By July 26, 2019August 1st, 2019No Comments

Since the inception of Instagram in 2010, this social media photo-sharing app has only bombarded with potential. Currently, there are nearly a billion and more accounts on Instagram! Nearly everyone, and their pets, are on Instagram and half of these accounts are active on a daily basis, imagine the huge market you could tap into.

Though Instagram started out as a photosharing application, through various updates it has incorporated various ways to upload videos. The latest update of Instagram, IGTV , lets you share videos up to an hour long which are optimised for mobile viewing because they are in the long-form video format. The story update of Instagram is much like the Snapchat story option but there are nearly 400 million active users who use this feature daily! Instagram’s amazing Ad manager is a boon for all marketers and with the nonstop features that Instagram keeps adding, the user following has only shot upwards and has never looked back. A large number of companies have invested in Instagram stories for advertisement purposes and have witnessed a staggering turnover.

If you are a marketer and you are looking to market on Instagram, your best bet is video marketing.

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Instagram video posts:

Instagram video posts start playing automatically on silent while a user is scrolling down their newsfeed. Videos that you post directly from your business account must be within one minute. You can post longer videos from your IGTV channel and post a preview on your main account page as well. In this way, users can go to your IGTV channel at the end of one minute to view the entire video if they are interested. It’s essential that the first few seconds of your video be captivating enough to stop the users from scrolling through.


The newest offering of Instagram, IGTV was launched as a reply to Youtube. Here you can view videos which are up to 1 hour long. These videos can be accessed from Instagram as well as the standalone IGTV app. These videos are in long-form, optimised for mobile viewing and the usual content for these videos are product reviews, tutorials, educational videos, explainer videos, interviews of celebrities etc. IGTV videos are exclusive for mobile viewing and targeted for mobile users, who make up most of the user base of Instagram, so, you need not worry.  

Instagram story posts:

These are temporary posts that will disappear after 24 hours, but you can choose to keep them on your profile as highlights. Instagram stories run for 15 seconds but they are very impactful. Optimised for mobile viewing, stories are one of the most used features on Instagram. Stories have incorporated interactive features that can be used by your business to break the fourth wall between the customers and the company. Stories can also be linked to other pages (say your product page, or company official site) and users can just swipe up and visit the linked page. Instagram’s extremely user-friendly features is a joy for marketers and it has successfully revolutionized video marketing.

Instagram live videos:

Live videos are where a user can go live through Instagram and other users can watch their live video, add comments and share reactions. Instagram’s live video feature can help humanise a company for the customers. Putting a face and a voice behind the company name and image will not only help in brand awareness but also product promotion.

Branding videos:

Your company needs to establish brand awareness, a social media presence. The best way to achieve this is by branding videos. Branding videos essentially highlight the brand, the product and the unique selling point (USP) of the brand. These videos are generally targeted for a cold audience section with its main focus targeted towards creating brand awareness.

User-Generated content:

User-generated content or UGC is content that is being made by the users of a brand. Many companies have started using user-generated content to make their products more relatable for their audience. Influencer marketing is a big section of UGC, users with a lot of followers collaborate with recognised brands to market their product to their followers. Influencer marketing has grown in leaps and bounds because of its market reach and huge selling point. Followers of influential Instagrammers are easy to market to if the company collaborates with the user to help promote a specific product. This creates brand awareness and also helps people humanise the brand and trust it. When a person they follow and admire on Instagram promotes a product, the followers feel curious to try it out as well.

Product videos:

High resolution and vibrant product videos are a must if you are venturing into the world of Instagram video marketing. Product videos are able to deliver an impactful visual to capture the audience and because of Instagram’s silent video playing feature, it keeps the viewer hooked even without the sound. 

Tutorial videos:

Tutorial videos include videos on how to use a specific product or in how many ways one can use a certain product, etc. Tutorial videos are in demand in the world of Instagram videos, users always want to learn something new and tutorial videos do exactly that. It promotes the product as well as teaches the users something new. 

As a marketer, you have the liberty to choose which form of marketing best suites your needs. You could make an explainer video to help your users understand your content in a simple animated format, or you could create a 3d product video which makes your product appealing to the public. 

There are several video formats available which would help you market your product to Instagram’s audience in the best way possible. Instagram’s growing community is the best place to boost your brand awareness. This social media platform is mainly used by brands to show their users who they really are, to humanize their company and their products. Netflix’s dashing Instagram profile is famous for breaking the fourth wall with its user’s. From the chirpy comments, it leaves on celebrity pictures to the classic comeback’s Netflix doles out to the audience, they have revolutionised brand interaction with the audience


Step into the world of Instagram video marketing and feel the change. The world is changing and so is marketing techniques, keep up or you might fall behind.