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Animated Videos And You

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We already know that animated videos are the best, yes literally THE BEST WAY to market a brand or company.
We can send across our message in the most creative way possible and it’s cost effective too! And if you didn’t already know it, you now surely do.
So what kind of videos should we go for? I mean there are just too many options! I know getting options to choose from is good but it can be a tad bit confusing, well who are we kidding, it’s very confusing!!
And moreover, when you’re not from the animation industry, there’s nothing to be shy about, if you admit that you have no idea whatsoever about the types of animation videos.
Well, then today is THE DAY when you’ll be enlightened and empowered with the knowledge of Animation.
So what are the types of animation videos?


Explainer videos are a great way of engaging your potential clients and landing them. These are short, crisp and simple videos, umm not simple in creating but for you to get one, it’s creative and self-explanatory. It describes your company and product in the best possible way.
If you are a corporate GIANT or a startup taking your first baby steps, an animation video is the best way to boost up your brand name and sales.

Your business ideas are narrated along with an impactful storyboard. You can build brand awareness and guess what? When people stay longer on your website, this shows that people are interested and Google ranks your website higher.

So how do you get them to stay longer? Glue them like flies sticking to honey. No, I don’t think that’s a great idea. But you can surely try getting an explainer video which is waaaay fun and interesting to watch than going through an article or boring PPTs.

So basically an explainer video can be your honey. <Wink! Wink!>


You can dilute the silver lining between the real and virtual spectrum with 3D Product Videos which are even better than reality. Got a great product?

You can go for a 3D Video for creating a watch, speaker, car or anything that you can possibly think of. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING! How is this so special?

With a 3D model, you can show the design of your creation perfectly with every inch and every aspect of it on display. Just like some art figurines displayed in a gallery that leave people speechless.
People are mesmerized and can’t stop thinking about it, which leads to creating product awareness. It also boosts up your sales. It’s a WIN-WIN situation!


Process videos are great for giving clear visualization of the processing of equipment in a step by step manner. This means that the viewers can have a better understanding of working the product and they can be assured about the quality which in turn creates brand value.
Do you have a manufacturing plant and need to pitch your product to the investors or potential clients? Going on and on trying to explain the whole process wouldn’t be fruitful.
In place of applause that you expected and also probably deserved, you’ll get a couple of yawns. And if you don’t want that to happen then you should definitely opt for a process video.


Looking for some cool way to engage your audience? Well interactive videos support interactions with the audience enabling them to take charge and choose options by clicking on the ‘hotspots’.

You can put such videos in your stores and in exhibitions where the clients or customers can directly get information about the products and services. All they have to do is click on them. They don’t need to wait for a salesperson to hand them a brochure. So Yesterday!
This makes the whole process less time consuming and also it can mean getting people to notice your brand and buy stuff from you! YAY!!


Instructional videos are your go to if you want to train your employees or any other person by imparting knowledge. You can train people on new skills and technology through such videos.
It can be a great tool for your orientation programme.

Also, it can explain your product and give user instructions in a more engaging way than handing the clients an instruction manual. And trust me, no one ever reads them. Instead, go for an awesome animated video!


Honestly, who doesn’t like to watch a movie? And if it’s an animated one, it’s just PERFECT!!
Since the stone-age, people have been creating short films. Don’t believe me? Have you seen the cave paintings drawn by the cavemen all across the globe? It was their interpretation of a short film, where they narrated the story of maybe a great hunt or a new discovery. And as technology progressed so did film making.
Short films are a trend now and if you didn’t already know it, then my friend you have some catching up to do.
If you have a story to share, be it your success story like “Rags to Riches”, be it your love story like that of the “Notebook” or maybe “Titanic” (Sorry if that’s the case) or any other story, maybe something about how you started a non profit organization or how you adopted a dog from a shelter and gave it a new life (if you haven’t done it yet, then you should). It can be anything.
An animated short film is the best way of storytelling.

AND… let’s sum up with a simple question. Do you know what you should get for marketing your brand or to share a beautiful story?
<Curtains opening, lights, drumroll…>