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Imagine this… you’re a pilot strenuously trying to land your jet. At that high altitude, you hardly find any signaling lights on the landing strip below. Oh God, what will you do next?! Panic? Go on an adrenaline high? Pray and then jump out?!
Just kidding. Well… Perhaps there’ll be crash-landing!

SOS! The landing page of your company website, sans animated video, would also meet a similar fate.

As a content creator, I go through myriad web pages and articles, daily. Some of them are really good while some don’t seem to have that spark.
As a regular consumer, I’d love to explore something that’s eye-catching and keeps me engaged throughout!

An animated video on your landing page is a beautiful trailer, for your blockbuster enterprise!
If you have irresistible goods, services, and offers, why not pull the crowd with that same intensity through your landing page videos?!

Make the customer – “Stop- Explore- Shop”!

Let me show you the reasons for being awesome:

1. It’s just good business.

Remember this quote by Lord Cutler Beckett from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’?
If the conversion is your path, then an explainer video is your leading light.

In fact says Forbes says that videos on a landing page can increase conversions up to 80%.
Have a look at this video about a multifaceted service app. Its crisp, fun and right-on-target!

2. Maximum info, minimum time

Videos are the best way to present a truckload of information in a nutshell.
Right from your company’s inception to the milestones yet to be achieved, a landing page video helps you:

  • Explain product features – Illuminate on your USPs and service support.
  •  Narrate your brand story – Why is your company here to stay?

A brief narrative is all it takes!

  • Feature customer testimonials – What can be greater than trusted customers you’ve earned. Get them to star and you’ll shine in the market!
  • Display visual case studies – Any kind of stats that is informative and supportive is what people dig-in for. Here’s an interesting watch!

3. We’re wired

And how… Likeability of a video is higher than reading or other forms, needless to say!  I’d love short videos rather than a painstaking read of any company profile and its products!

According to the statistics of HubSpot’s video marketing :

4. Eyes see, I see!

The initial seconds of any landing page video should effortlessly capture one’s attention
It can be through relatable queries, themes, stories, colors or even as simple as a hummable – tune.
Did you know that visual content can afford only 8 seconds of our attention span?
If you missed it, you’ve probably lost it already!

5. The power is yours!

Imagine darts hitting right at the bull’s eye. That’s how the message of your brand, your products, and services should sink in.
USP’s are your greatest investment.

The amount of effort and time put together in scripting your video is directly proportional to its delivery and customer reaction.
I would definitely include a relatable storyline with simple animations and precise points to make customers linger a little longer on my webpage.
This video here, has relatability, USP’S and impact providing quite the package!

6. To be or not to be

Video on your landing page is a sure shot testimony that builds trust and proves how reliable you are as a brand.
Check out this amazing video by Honda that screams brand name and reliability:

As a viewer, I would want to get to know as much as I can about a company, its legacy, what all products and lucrative offers it has and whether or not servicing would be prompt.
My trust depends upon the info I have mined, researched its authenticity, and of course the visual proof I have seen on the landing page.  

7. Teach not preach

Your landing page video should teach more and sell less.
We all know that just because a video performs well in general, doesn’t mean it will perform well in certain other cases.
It should not sound pushy!
This ad about insurance policy can be used as a reference on being compelling but not imposing:

Remember- we all hate to be pressurized or forced into doing something, so, the tone has to be emphatic.
The same applies for your landing page video as well!

8. Rank better on Google

Let’s face it friends… In this digital age there is no other better way to drive traffic to your website by SEO intelligence. The presence of a video in your landing page can be a very stimulating SEO act to rank better in google. The scope of conveying your brand profile via landing page videos is highly effective. And that’s exactly why Google gives more preference to videos because of the quality score. So how will your video invite Google’s attention?

  • Whip up a main course i.e a video sitemap using webmaster tools and submit it to Google. Remember, it should also have some information about your website- gives you an impressive index for your page.
  • Cook up video transcripts in your landing pages.
  • Make it shareable by sprinkling it on social sites.
  • A good garnish consisting of compelling thumbnails having high-quality content that’s eye catchy.

9. Effective CTA

Call- to- Action is the summit to be reached, after the herculean mountaineering of content and animation.
In addition to drawing the crowd like a magnet, the next step is to get them to consume your goods and services. A catchy slogan always lights up our senses. It can be anything ranging from a perky phrase, witty lines or cheeky pointers. In short it should lead on the customer towards purchase or order placement.
The end portion of this video on the UAE Embassy App displays the right features with the right tone:


Your brand is your story. Your landing page video proves how much of a master storyteller you are!
We come across hundreds of stories every day but there are stories that are indeed unforgettable and stay close to our hearts. These are the stories that took the path less trodden and that has made all the difference.
A note to remember: Entertaining is just a means to achieve the ultimate goal, that is, teaching a worthwhile lesson to your followers.
Reinvent yourself and always surprise your followers or customers. Your brand, your name is here to stay!

Get the perfect video for your landing page today!