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5 situations that demand you hire a professional script writer/animator

By May 27, 2019July 26th, 2019No Comments

Video marketing is skyrocketing through the stratosphere and so are the businesses riding on its coattails.
If you don’t have a dog in the race that is video marketing, you should start now. Now, if we strip a video to its bones, we get a script and animations to go along with the script. Scriptwriting and animation is a tough job and if you want to skip all this hassle, we’ll do it for you *wink*.
Today, let’s gander at 5 situations that demand you hire a pro.

1. Your product is amazing but you can’t seem to rake in customers.

Your product might have soul, but if you can’t communicate that to the customers then it’s all in vain.

A beautifully scripted and animated explainer video might just solve all your troubles by explaining your product and helping it reach out to a sea of people.
Humans rely on visual acuity for everything ergo they relate to videos more and there isn’t a better way.
People also remember an image more than texts, reminisce, take yourself back to your exam days, ever felt that you could imagine the book even the page but the words, they’re just an incoherent blur.
That is because of the picture superiority effect, it roughly means pictures and images are more likely to be remembered and recalled than words.

2. You just can’t seem to do it by yourself.

You might have been in the literature club at school or you might have taken an animation course even but if you feel stuck with what to do, best to hire a pro.
It’s hard to give your heart and soul and put in tedious amounts of work for something you don’t feel any connection with.

And sometimes, you might be in a rush, where time supersedes your ability to get good enough to work on it yourself.
There is also a large number of people who hate to write.
Churning out a great script is an awful lot.
A 30-second video is generally capped at 75 words and incorporating all the information with brevity is art.
It’s like writing lyrics to a song.
Not one word can go astray and every character should make sense.
Animating has its own challenges and doing both is really hard.
Not for us though.

3. You have a vision but can’t seem to materialize it.

This is exactly where pros step in. A professional can envision your dream and form content around it, after all, that’s what he does for bread.
Sometimes, particular expertise is needed for instance would you trust your brand new Audi with a lowly mechanic? Or would you leave it to the professionals?
Similarly, your vision might just need another pair of eyes, professional ones at that.

4. You’re too close.

At times you’re too close to your own product to see beyond.

You have all the knowledge, you are the driving force behind your product, you know your product down to brass tacks but sometimes the consumers don’t want all that meticulous information and you might need to bring in a pro.
Professional script-writers and animators are nouveau and all caught up, it is a part of their job to be. So, they generate quality and updated content for your product.
You are aware of all the behind the scenes action, all the nitty-gritty details but the customers might have none to little interest at all in these details.
In fact, the prized information that the customers want could be hidden in all the redundant details, a professional can filter through the details and cook up exciting and relevant content that will surely entice your customers.

5. The stakes are too high.

You’ve put in your blood, sweat and tears into your business and nurtured it, now, it has all lead to a product launch, one you can’t afford to screw up or maybe it’s an important marketing campaign that you’re heading at your company.

For when the stakes are too high, let the professionals handle it for you, they’ll come up with catchy scripts and ingenious animations that will grab the attention of your customers positively.
Pro scriptwriters can be the wind beneath your wings helping you and your product soar.
To end this post here is a little tip-
Every story is a great one and good stories have been told since time immemorial, since Greek epics. Stories are not just hearsay any more since the internet has taken the world by storm, we also thank the Lumiere brothers!

The story is yours when the end is nigh. You know the customers you want to reach, nobody knows your business as you do. By hiring a pro-script-writer and animator you embellish your story, they can make your product look and sound fantastic but the story needs to come from you.